Processing Information


     As an AWA certified facility as well as state inspected; We happily process your livestock.  You can rest assured that with this cerification that your animal will be treated humanely throughout the entire process.    The  beef  are  aged  in  our  facility  on  site  prior  to  processing.    

     Don't have your own livestock?  Don't worry, we have an extensive network of farmers from whom we can source your beef or pork.  We can also source certified grass fed beef.

     We happily process your legally harvested game.

      All processed animals will incur a $50/week fee if left over 3 weeks. 

Inspected beef carcasses.

Inspected beef carcasses. 

Beef Processing fees

Pork Processing Fees

Lamb and Goat Processing

Custom Processing Forms


How much meat can I expect? (pdf)


beef cutting order (pdf)


lamb and goat cutting order (pdf)


pork cutting order (pdf)